Sweet Synergy Gluten & Sugar Free Cookbook




Bookcover_SweetSynergy_KINDLE_v03-500pxBut you already know that.

You’ve invested time, money and effort into looking for the perfect cookbook that will address all these requirements.  You’ve hunted high and low for recipes that will satisfy your sweet tooth and yet not make you feel ill or craving for more.

You’re done with trying to make due with artificial sweeteners, modified foods trying to act like the real thing and dried-out tasteless desserts.

You want tried and true recipes, flavorful combinations and sure-fire results.

Sweet Synergy is HERE!


This book is like no other.  I have the privilege of giving you all my best recipes so that you will have recipes for your favorite treats and know they are sugar free, gluten free, and low carb – healthy and delicious.

What are people saying about Sweet Synergy?

  • No more suffering through eating sucralose and other ingredients that are potentially hazardous to my health.
  • My cravings are gone! I am satisfied and losing weight at the same time!
  • Now I have more than just one go-to recipe that I love!

These are real results people are experiencing. And there are more. Stories of:

  • Eating desserts you have not been able to eat and enjoy in a long time
  • Feeling confident that something sweet won’t throw you into sugar overload
  • Losing weight without feeling deprived or left out of celebrations
  • Watching loved ones enjoy dessert without stress or worry that it will harm their health

It’s time for you to enjoy dessert again.

Sweet Synergy gives you instruction on specific ingredients and how they work together to create healthy replacements for the foods you have not been allowed to eat. The recipes you will make will completely transform your view on what is possible in a gluten-free, sugar-free, and low-carb treat.

This isn’t just recipes for brownies and cookies, a rehash of recipes that are already available online or in other sugar-free books.

It is a book of many different recipes including classic favorites and tasty combinations such as Mini Cinnamon Currant Bagels, Lucious Lemon-Blueberry Poke Cake, Chewy Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies and even Peach Sangria Sorbet!.

sweet-synergy-new-3dSweet Synergy is the book you have been searching for, straight from someone who has been researching alternative sweeteners, is sensitive to carbohydrates and sugar and has been living a gluten-free, sugar-free and low-carb lifestyle for nearly 20 years.  I have been there and will help you to create delicious desserts your whole family will enjoy – while you have peace of mind knowing they are healthy.

When you use the recipes in Sweet Synergy, a whole new world will open up to you making ANYTHING possible.

Though you can simply follow the recipes, you will understand which ingredients to use and why.  Basic recipes are included with possible alternatives which will allow you to create your own recipes if you desire.

Afterward, you won’t need me to hold your hand. You’ll know you can create your own desserts from healthy ingredients because you’ll be doing it – and you’ll know exactly what to do if you want to continue to create delicious desserts for any gathering or just for you to enjoy.

After reading Sweet Synergy and using the recipes you’ll walk away:

  • Feeling confident you can eat dessert (so you can end the self-destructive cravings)
  • Have a complete book of recipes for every occasion so you can stop the endless search for healthy alternatives
  • Understand how and why some ingredients are better than others so you will feel good about what you are eating
  • Enjoy dessert instead of having to say no every time

Sweet Synergy isn’t for just some people, it’s for everyone.  It’s for people who want to be in charge of what they are eating and stop the cycle of self-sabotage around dessert and sweet treats.




Ingredient Details
Sweet Synergy is based on my first-hand experience as a pastry chef, instructor, and 5 years of recipe creation and development at a top low-carbohydrate lifestyle company.  This book not only has details about low-carb lifestyle but also dives into how baking works, why certain ingredients are important when to use them and why, and what ingredients to avoid.

Nutritional Analysis
All of the recipes in Sweet Synergy have been nutritionally analyzed and macronutrients are provided for each recipe.  Unlike most packaged foods, I want you to know exactly how your food breaks down nutritionally to empower you to make your own decisions about how much and what to eat.

Lots of Recipes
Sweet Synergy is packed full of more than 125 recipes that are not only gluten-free, sugar-free and low-carb but are delicious.  The desserts can be simple for every day or elegant for a dinner party.  What makes this book unique is that it covers a large variety to please every palate, desire and occasion so you can feel confident others will enjoy them with you.

I am also thrilled to offer you a collection of bonus recipes as a thank you for buying my book. Please note that some of the recipes will require recipes from Sweet Synergy. These are exceptional recipes that you will not find on my website or in any other form. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed creating them. If you’ve already purchased the book click HERE to get your bonus recipes.

Support and Education
www.LowCarbPower.com is available to you as an example of the continuing support and dedication to your education to help you create continued success on your journey towards health.  For those who are searching for a more in depth education on gluten-free, sugar-free and low-carb ingredients and instruction on how to create your own recipes, modify your favorites or learn how to optimize nutritional impact please join me for Low-Carb Lifestyle and Design Course in 2017.

Every person isn’t a good fit for Sweet Synergy.  People who have health concerns, want to decrease their sugar consumption, and are open to exploring dessert options will benefit the most from this book.

If you’re fully committed to a gluten-free, sugar-free and low-carb lifestyle, Sweet Synergy can do for you what it’s done for others – change you and your lifestyle forever.

Sweet Synergy is waiting for you – remember to share your email below to be sure you are kept up to date on new recipes and tips!



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